Double wall polycarbonate panels are known for high impact strength and durability.These are the most common word which are used to summarize the essential mechanical properties of polycarbonate panels.During the manufacturing process,factors which determine the overall impact strength and durability of the panels such as elongation,modulus and tensile strength are some of the factors which are test and analyzed.


Below is the 4 properties.


1.Stress and strain

when polycarbonates are being tested,a number of stress-strain curves are obtained. During this process,the double wall polycarbonate panels are tested if they can withstand short-term loading.This vital feature is due to the fact that it does not form crystallize alongside the relative rigidity of its chain structure.Its ductility has been the main reason it can resist enormous magnitude of shock.They are dimensionally stable even when they are exposed to strain-stress forces.That is,in case there is excess tension,they will stretch slightly and retain the exact shape after tension has been removed.

The figure above illustrates the behavior of polycarbonate under three modes of deformation: shear, compressions and tension

the figure above illustrates the behavior of polycarbonate under three modes of deformation :shear,compressions and tensions.


From this diagram,it is vivid that the behavior of polycarbonates under deformation tend to follow Hooks Law which can be given by:


Where E is the modulus of elasticity; σ is stress and ɛ is the elongation.

2.Fold endurance

this is yet another essential mechanical property which is associated with double wall polycarbonate panels.It can endure a large magnitude of tensile strength before it begins to show micro structures.This implies that during the installation process,you should not exceed the minimum diameter indicated on the data sheet.The diameter will vary with the thickness of each sheet.


3.Tear strength

the tear resistance of a polycarbonate sheet is the force which may be required to initiate tear. These panels have a high tear resistance which is one of the main reasons why they are used in areas with hostile climatic conditions. These forces vary depending on the thickness of the each sheet. Under normal circumstances, it is nearly impossible to tear a polycarbonate panel.


4.Scratch proof

the double or twin wall polycarbonate panels are not naturally scratch proof.This implies that they have to be coated with anti-abrasion elements to acquire this essential mechanical property.The nature of the coating will be determined by the type of the application.This also comes alongside the anti-ultraviolet radiation coating.Quality coating can remain effective for more than a decade.


Although mechanical properties have been some of the main reasons why the double wall polycarbonates are popularly used.Other properties which play a significant role include:

Electrical properties where it is used as an insulator in many electrical applications since it is not affected by the fluctuations in temperature.They are also self-extinguishing.

It is dimensionally stable due to its uncrystallized nature. It can offer unlimited retraction when modelled,it has good creep resistance and absorbs low amount of humidity.