The corrugated polycarbonate sheets for greenhouse have a lot of benefits to offer and these have been some of the reasons for their popularity. Some of these key economic benefits include:


Corrugated Polycarbonate Sheets for Greenhouse

Cost effective

installing these sheets is one way of saving over 15% of your energy costs. The multi-wall corrugated polycarbonate sheets have some of the best insulation factors (R-value above 1.9) depending on the number of the polycarbonate walls. The exterior and the interior temperature can be maintained almost constant for sustainable growth of plants. As a matter of fact, the multi-wall polycarbonate sheets have been designed specifically to offer better insulation performance.


the corrugated polycarbonate sheets for greenhouse can be used for virtually all glazing applications. They can be used to construct greenhouse walls, roofing and multi-span greenhouses. Economically, this will save you from spending more money to acquire other materials to construct other sections of the greenhouse.

They’re rugged

this one key feature with most polycarbonate products. Their chemical structures form very strong bonds which make them to have high impact resistance thus, they can withstand rough handling. The available corrugated sheets are feature anti-abrasion and ultraviolet protection, thus; they can be used for both outdoor and indoor applications. This implies that they can remain intact for years thereby cutting on both maintenance and installation costs which are expensive. This is the reason why these polycarbonate sheets are used in regions which are prone to hailstones, strong wind and temperature fluctuations.

A larger profit margin

at the initial stages, corrugated polycarbonate sheets for greenhouses may be expensive. However, the fact that they can remain in good shape and condition for more than 10 years has a lot of economic advantages. The low maintenance cost will guarantee more profits. In addition to these, all plants experience a stunning growth since they get all the desirable environmental conditions which stimulate growth and high production. These ultimately result to larger profit margins.


Corrugated Polycarbonate Sheet for Greenhouse



Easy installation

generally, the corrugated polycarbonate sheets for greenhouses are light and flexible which makes the entire installation process simple and easy. Normally, some people do opt for the DIY procedures more so when they are handling smaller projects. This basically save on the installation costs a great deal. This is not always the case for other products such as glass whose installation process is cumbersome.


this is yet another important economic aspect when you opt for corrugated polycarbonate sheets for your greenhouse. They offer one of the best light diffusion which eliminate the burning effects which reduce the production rates significantly. In some cases, corrugated polycarbonate sheets have been designed to supply the high red and blue light spectrum while eliminating excess heat. This makes them some of the most efficacious glazing sheets which optimizes plant production which translates to more profits.

Growth of agricultural industry

this has been evident with the use of corrugated polycarbonate sheets since farmers can realize more production while using little resources. In fact, the agricultural industry is expected to expand since more people are installing polycarbonate greenhouses.