The question of whether it’s worth investing in swimming pool enclosures or not has been a subject of discussion in very many forums.

In fact, the choice of good materials has been an integral part of these discussions.

A swimming pool enclosure has two main components: the glazing material and the frame.

It is the frame that supports the entire weight of the glazing material.

swimming pool enclosure installation

Also, for the case of the retractable swimming pools, the frame moves the entire structure back and forth.

For this reason, it is important that one chooses a reliable material.

A material that can maintain structural integrity throughout the entire life span of the swimming pool enclosure.

For many years, aluminum enclosure has been a material of choice for a number swimming pool cover construction.

This is due to the numerous benefits they provide.

There are a number of technological advancements that feature the use of aluminum profiles and rods.

Why Use Aluminum?

The aluminum enclosures have proved to be strong and require little maintenance.

This comes as an advantage to the swimming pool owners.

Ideally, this translates into significant cost saving.

aluminum for swimming pool cover

Aluminum has the following key benefits to the end users:

The Weight vs. Strength

This is one of the few metals, which is not only strong but has a lightweight.

The density of aluminum metal is about one third that of both copper and steel.

This makes it one of the lightest commercially available metals.

different metals for swimming pool enclosure

Aluminum is known to have high strength to weight ratio.

This is of the main reasons why it is used to construct a number of structures.

When it comes to the construction of swimming pool enclosures, using pure aluminum may not provide the required amount of strength.

In most cases, the aluminum enclosure is subjected to the weight of the glazing material.

In addition to this, it should resist the pressure from snow and wind.

snow swimming pool

The pure aluminum is alloyed with other metals such as manganese, copper, magnesium and silicon.

They must be mixed in definite proportions.

This improves the tensile strength of the aluminum rod.

These alloys can be tailored for specific applications such as the construction of aluminum enclosure.

 tensile strength of the aluminum rod

These are some of the main reasons why aluminum is second most widely used metal in the construction industry.

In the swimming pool enclosure industry, it is the most popular metal due to the combination of unique properties such as high strength and lightweight.


Today, consumers are looking for unique designs that feature a number of geometrical shapes.

It is only by going for a metal that can be formed or machined easily that is suitable for swimming pool enclosure construction.

The aluminum enclosure can be machined through bending, milling, punching, drilling or cutting to form the desired shape.

Aluminum Enclosure In Swimming Construction

This metal has superior malleability properties that makes it important for extrusion.

This implies that you can get the desired aluminum profile without spending much of your resources.

This reduces the cost of pool enclosure construction.

Remember, when the cost of forming a metal is high, then the end users should expect to pay for this as they purchase the end product.

Corrosion Resistance

Normally, when the swimming pool water gets heated, it will evaporate.

And, corrosion takes place when water gets in contact with metal surfaces.

head water of swiming pool

This implies that, the metal used to construct a swimming pool enclosure must be corrosion resistant.

This makes aluminum metal a perfect choice for this task.

When aluminum metal is exposed to air, it forms a thin oxide layer.

This layer is about hundredths thick.

This oxide layer is dense and it provides an excellent corrosion protection.

In case this layer gets damaged, it will repair itself.

Therefore, you don’t need to worry about the aluminum enclosure getting scratched during the installation process.

The good thing with this metal is that different surface treatment mechanisms can be used to improve it strength and resistance to corrosion.

Some of the most common processes include painting, lacquering and anodizing.

aluminum oxide layer

These processes impart different properties on the metal surface.

For instance, anodizing increases the thickness of the oxide layer thereby improving both the strength and natural corrosion.

This makes them suitable for outdoor swimming pool enclosure construction.

All these surface treatments result in a smooth surface.

This makes it easier to clean as compared to other materials such as wood, which may absorb moisture.


The aluminum enclosure is known for their ability to reflect both the radiated heat and visible light.

This not only illuminates the swimming pool but also, reflects some radiated to heat the swimming pool.

This keeps the pool water warm.


Damaged or unused aluminum enclosure can be recycled.

This is yet, another bigger picture of using aluminum to construct a swimming pool.

recycled aluminum enclosure

From the above reasons, it is quite evident that investing in this metal is such a noble idea.

You have nothing to lose starting from the superior performance and the ability to recycle the metal.

Powder coating aluminum is a common practice in the swimming pool enclosure construction industry.

swimming pool enclosure intalling in Africa

The powder coating is mainly used to create a hard finish on the aluminum surface.

It results in a surface that is smooth with a hard coating.

Such a surface is suitable for swimming pool construction since it has an aesthetic value.

aesthetic value

This coating is applied to the metal as a free flowing-powder.

It does not require any solvent like the conventional painting techniques.

This paint is applied electrostatically.

It is cured under heat that allows the powder to flow forming a uniform “skin” around the aluminum rod/profiles.


For decades, this metal has gained popularity in a number of manufacturing industries and so is the swimming pool enclosure construction.

swimming pool cover

Its benefits are quite evident from the basic properties mentioned above.

When the metal is used alongside the multi-wall polycarbonate sheets, the initial cost of the investment can seem to be very high.

However, it is important to note that the structure will have a long-term cost benefits.

Going for the aluminum enclosure, will guarantee a stronger structure that can withstand all types of weather conditions

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