Broadly,there are two main types of polycarbonate materials which are used in the construction process:the solid and the hollow polycarbonate sheets.

Polycarbonate hollow sheets are known to have superior thermal insulation and light weight,these are some of the main reasons why they are used in most construction work.


The hollow polycarbonate sheets are some of the newest materials which are used in the construction industry. 

These materials are manufactured to meet the highest level of electrical, thermal, mechanical and physical properties.

Like other polycarbonate products,these materials are used in both industrial and domestic applications.


polycarbonate hollow sheet



Features and advantages of hollow polycarbonate sheets


Impact resistance

This is one key feature which is most sought for by a number of engineers and designers.Generally,all polycarbonate products are flexible hence,a reason why they have a high degree of impact resistance.

A number of tests which have been conducted on these materials indicate that their impact resistance is 80 times more that of glass materials.

Flame resistance

These materials flame-resistant,which are rated class B1.Most of them can only ignite at a temperature 630°C.The good thing about polycarbonate panels is that they are self-extinguishing.This implies that even if it ignites at 630°C, the fire cannot spread.

Light weight

This is yet another important feature which is also associated with these types of materials.This is also another reason why they are used in quite a number of construction work.A good number of these polycarbonates weigh about 1/12 of the glass weight of the same thickness and sizes.

Weather resistance

The hollow polycarbonate panels have superior weather capability.They can be used in both outdoor and indoor construction. And they are treated to withstand abrasion,harsh chemical exposure and the ever fluctuating environmental conditions.

Ultraviolet resistance

Although polycarbonate sheets easily turn yellow when exposed to UV light,these materials are treated with an anti-UV layer which protects them from fading,wearing out or having a yellow color.This guarantee a longer service life which can be more than 10 years.

Light transmission

They possess excellent light transmission properties.However,the degree of transmission depends on the thickness of the polycarbonate sheet.These sheets are available in a wide range of thickness and gauges.


hollow  polycarbonate sheet


How should you care for the hollow polycarbonate sheets


There are a number of factors which will ensure that your polycarbonate sheets serve you efficiently and for a very long period of time.In most cases,the manufacturers do indicate all the important precautions.

Some of these essential procedures include:


Transportation and storage

They should not be exposed to excess sunshine or store in places where they can be drenched. All these materials should be placed either on a cement floor or against the wall.

Protective films

Most of these materials are covered with protective films.This protection must be left intact unless you need to install them.

You should remove the protective films within the first day after the polycarbonate sheets have been installed. During the installation process,you need to leave enough space depending on the temperature difference with the region where the hollow carbonate sheets should be installed.


In case there is dirt or dust on the sheet’s surface,you need to wipe the dirt using a sponge which has been dipped in a neutral sanitizer,then clean the PC sheet with warm water.

You have to dry it using a soft cloth. You should remember that as much as all these PC sheets are treated to make them scratch proof,polycarbonates are vulnerable to scratches.

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