Polycarbonate sheet manufacturers have to deal with a number of issues to ensure that the production process remains eco-friendly and sustainable at any given instance. 

Generally,polycarbonates are fairly resistant to chemicals since they can deteriorate when they are exposed to certain solvents.

Scratches Resistant Coating

Check why

  • Exhibit aromatic sensitivity
  • Vulnerable to ultraviolet radiation
  • Sensitive to abrasive cleaners
  • Not scratch resistant.

Since they are used for an array of applications in both industrial and domestic set up, there is need to improve on these basic properties.

It is the only sure way to increase the life span of these sheets. This can only be achieved through protective coating which come in different forms.

Polycarbonate Protective Coating


The UV protection


This is one of the most common type of polycarbonate protective coating.

Even though the sun’s UV wavelength cannot “penetrate” through the polycarbonate sheet, the UV wavelength attack the outer surface of these panels thereby altering the inherent physical and chemical properties of the PC sheets.

As the chemical and physical properties degrade, the surface of the polycarbonate sheet begins to turn yellow.

This is the reason why an ultraviolet polycarbonate protective coating, which is in the form of a microscopic layer of an ultraviolet polycarbonate inhibitor is used to coat PC sheets.

The co-extruded protection layer blocks the ultraviolet wavelengths from reaching the outer surface of the polycarbonate sheet.

polycarbonate panels for anti riot helmet

This polycarbonate protective coating is formulated in such a way that it can remain intact for a very long period of time.

However, overtime it may begin to develop, micro cracks on its surface which will allow the UV wavelengths to reach the outer surface of the sheet.

Under most circumstances, the warranty will be determined by the nature of the UV protection layer used.

UV Coating



The hard-coating

This is yet another important polycarbonate protective coating which is used in most industrial applications.

Even though polycarbonate sheets can withstand high magnitude of impact,they are not abrasion resistant.

This is the main reason why they can only be used in most application such as hurricane barricades after they have been treated with a hard-coating.

Hard coated sheet


The polycarbonates hard coating is designed in such a way that as much as they protect the panels, they can also ensure outstanding light clarity which enhances transmission of light alongside resistance to chemical attack.

Most of these coating are manufactures from silicon and they come in different versions such as ultraviolet curable systems, formable, etc.

Hard coated Polycarbonate sheet

The polycarbonate manufacturers use the ASTM pencil hardness rating and transmitted analysis to determine the degree of hardness of polycarbonate products.

They degree of being scratch proof may vary which brings about the variation in the nature of application.

Despite the fact that a polycarbonate sheet may be coated with anti-abrasion coating,failure to follow the manufacturer’s instruction may result in premature replacement of the polycarbonate sheets.

Hard Coated Polycarbonate Sheet

Other than the polycarbonate protective coating, other coatings may be included to improve the general appearance of the panel or to reduce the amount of light which can be transmitted through the PC sheet.

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