The polycarbonate and acrylic sheets are the most frequently used plastics. Each material has its unique advantages and disadvantages.

In fact, comparative analysis indicates neither of the materials can meet all the designed requirements. Choosing between polycarbonate and the sheet and acrylic sheet will be determined design requirements.


Polycarbonate vs Acrylic

The acrylic and polycarbonates have different molecular structures which has been one of the main reason they are used in different applications.

Before you choose any of these materials, you need to evaluate and establish all the important specifications a given application requires. In all industrial and domestic applications, the choice of any materials based on strength, working temperature, clarity, ability to be transformed into different shapes, etc.

In most cases, people find themselves in a dilemma since they find it difficult to choose the right plastic material when they have both polycarbonate sheet and acrylic sheet.


Important factors to consider

There are a number of factors which you need to consider when you are making decisions about the kind of plastic you require for a specific application.

Of course, the degree of hardness plays a significant role, however,other factors which contribute to this must be considered as well.

Some of these essential factors include:


When compared to glass, these materials are stronger and lighter than glass. This makes them a perfect choice in the construction industry.

Besides, it is worth noting that they a mostly used in applications where very strong materials are required.

There are a number of experiments which have been conducted to prove this and it is evident that: polycarbonates have an impact resistance of about 250 times more than that of glass. On the other hand, an acrylic sheet has an impact resistance of about 17 times higher than that of glass.

 impact resistance

When it comes to resisting impact, flexibility plays a significant role.

The polycarbonate sheets are more flexible making them less prone to cracking under stress with an excellent impact resistance ability. The acrylic sheets are very rigid, which makes them prone to cracks when subjected to a given magnitude of stress.

This has been another reason why it cannot withstand high levels of impact. Thus, comparing a polycarbonate sheet and acrylic sheet; it is quite evident that polycarbonate sheets are highly recommended in applications involving high levels of impact. All these are attributed to their molecular structure.

polycarbonate plastic sheets

Uses of the two materials based on strength 

The uses and applications of any of these materials are determined by the molecular structure of each plastic. The acrylic sheet is mainly used to make animal enclosure, retail product displays, aquariums and storm window linings among others.

On the other hand, the polycarbonate sheets are used to manufacture,race car windows, window well covers, machine guarding glass, computers and re-usable drinking bottles.


The hardness of polycarbonate sheets is quite important when you are performing various tasks such as drilling.

It is worth noting that acrylic cracks easily, especially when it is being drilled near the edge. However, cutting polycarbonate materials is quite challenging more so during the initial push of a router or saw.


From the above infomaiton, now we know easily that polycarbonate sheet is often harder than acrylic sheet , so what you need , tell me here.