A swimming pool is valuable investment, which should be protected from natural calamities such as snow and hailstones.

Unprotected pool is also susceptible to water evaporation and other fungal infections. It can cause accidents too, especially if you are that person who has some pets and kids.

swimming pool without a cover


This implies that, if you are a swimming pool enthusiast, then you have no option but to install this valuable equipment.

The retractable pool covers have become a household name in the recent past. It is one of those equipment every home owner is carving to have.

The Excelite’s automatic swimming pool cover have innovative features, which make them unique in this industry. You don’t need to worry about the weather, be it winter or summer; you have unlimited time to enjoy being in your swimming pool.

swimming pool cover


So, what are these retractable pool enclosures?

Basically, this equipment take the form of a “building” that can open and close since it has been constructed from telescopic sections.

Normally, it may have several sections. These sections move under or over the other thereby creating an outdoor setting within a very short period of time.

It is such a thrilling scenario. Can you imagine having a structure over your pool, which can provide an indoor setting with an outdoor view?

In most cases, people tend to use them for the indoor swimming pools.

However, the Excelite’s retractable pool covers are multi-purpose. You can use them for your indoor or outdoor swimming pools.

retractable pool covers for multi-purpose

What should you expect from Excelite’s new innovation?


This is one of those companies, which strive to guarantee quality production and service in all that they do.

As a matter of fact, these are the ultramodern pool covers of the year 2015. Forget about those swimming pools, which have been designed to be used during summer or winter.

When you purchase these pools, you’ll be assured of the following key features:

1.An ultramodern control system

This gives you the ability to control all the vital aspects of your swimming pool such as the temperature, humidity, opening and closing of the pool.

Apparently, Excelite, is working on how all these operations can be controlled using smartphones.

ultramodern control system

2.The environment within the pool can be controlled automatically.

This ensures that the pool is conducive at all times.

3.The ultramodern retractable pool covers are fully automated.


You only need to push the button.

For more than a decade, Excelite Plastics has been manufacturing all its products with its consumers in mind.

This is evident from the time the company began investing in polycarbonate panels. This has also manifested itself since they began venturing in the swimming pool products.


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The money saving advantages

This is a major concern for all swimming pool users. End users describe a facility, which is cost effective and efficient as that with: optimal performance, low running costs and longer service lifespan.

This is how you should expect to save costs when opt for this equipment:

  1. Reduced swimming pool heating, thus, a possibility of saving between 47% of total energy used.
  2. There will minimal evaporation hence, the pool can conserve between 29 and 49% of water.
  3. Reduced chemical consumption by about 43%
  4. Expect to incur low labor cost in terms of cleaning the pool.

When you buy the Excelite’s ultramodern retractable pool covers, in addition to the above key features, they’ll get you a professional technician who will install the swimming pool for you. Moreover, all these products come with 10+ years warranty period.

swimming pool enclosure installation

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