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There are a number of factors which determine polycarbonate sheets prices. This has been one of the biggest challenges for the key players in this industry. Apart from the design specifications such as the sheet size and profile, other production factors such as raw materials and labor play a key role in this industry.

For instance, a general purpose polycarbonate sheet’s price will be much lower as compared to that which has been designed to be used as a hurricane barricade. Those PC sheets which have been designed for specific applications go through advanced manufacturing processes such as adding a coating which is extra strong. You can discuss this with your supplier.

According to the preliminary research which has been conducted in the recent past, it is quite evident that most companies in the polycarbonate sheet industry have been focusing on Asia. Preliminary reports have indicated that Asia is likely to contribute more than 60% of the expected total revenue from this industry.

The natural disasters which are likely to interrupt the production process may influence polycarbonate sheets prices. For instance, the tragedy in Japan greatly affected the polycarbonate market more so the supply of BPA, which is a key materials in the polycarbonate manufacturing process. The same scenario was also evident with the Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Plant in Kashima. This actually saw the Japanese polycarbonate produces to suspend the polycarbonate sheet export which affected the polycarbonate sheets prices. This actually affected the Northeast Asia Markets and the global market. All factors which affect the Japanese polycarbonate industry directly affects quite a number of companies in Taiwan, China, Europe, China and America. This affects the polycarbonate prices too.


hurricane barricade


Of course, there has been a lot dynamisms in this market, which has forced even the key players in this industry to consider consolidating some of their companies in the Asia-Pacific region. In 2014, polycarbonate sheet plant in Darmstadt in Germany was closed while the polycarbonate sheet production plants were consolidated at Guangzhou. All these were in response to the dramatic change in the polycarbonate sheets prices alongside the change in demand and supply within this region.

The demand for high performance plastics in China has been increasing in the recent past and this will most likely favor the polycarbonate market prices. This may call for all companies in this industry to adjust and focus to strengthen their market position. This has forced a number of companies to reduce the number of their polycarbonate facilities more so in regions where the polycarbonate sheets prices have been declining tremendously.


Polycarbonate sheets pricePolycarbonate sheets price

Factors such as demand will still play a significant role throughout the better part of the year 2015. In the recent past, polycarbonate sheets which have been used to construct greenhouses. This has been due to the numerous benefits which the polycarbonate sheets are associated with.

The price of these sheets may vary depending on the production factors and demand just like other products. However, as you shop around for any polycarbonate product, the quality of the product should be a priority.