Polycarbonate films are known for their ability to resist high impact, ease of printing, high optical clarity and tolerance of higher temperatures. This compound has two aromatic rings alongside hydrogen and carbon atoms are responsible for these essential features. You need to choose those films which have been manufactured from virgin materials.

The polycarbonate films are known for their superlative properties with one key feature being high impact resistance or strength. What has been one of the mina reason why this compound is stronger than most plastics?

This compound has three main atoms; oxygen, carbon and hydrogen atoms. Furthermore, it has two aromatic rings.  The two aromatic rings and the strong covalent bonds formed between the molecules of these atoms are responsible for the high impact resistance.  The aromatic rings ensure that there exists a very stiff polymer chain. The high melting point is due to the inter-polymer bonds which are also very strong.

On the other hand, these two rings also play an important role in the light transmittance property of the polycarbonate film. They prevent the long chain polymer from crystallizing and “folding”. Since crystallization does not take place during the reaction when the polycarbonate (PC) are being formed; these compound has high optical clarity. Crystallization hinders light transmittance.

It is important to note that as much as these bonds make PCs strong, it is also worth noting that they readily absorb the UV rays. This degrades the polycarbonate and contributes to the formation of the yellow color which makes these sheets to lose their aesthetic value. Therefore, the UV resistant materials should be included during the manufacturing process.

Polycarbonate Films

The polycarbonate films are general purpose films which can be formed and molded easily. They are used in overlays, nameplates, labels, menu boards and touch panels just to mention a few. They are available in a wide range of sizes and tolerances.  They can be customized depending on the needs of the end user. This can only be done upon request. Although a number of companies have been trying to use advanced technology to produce these films; they have the same physical and chemical properties as the polycarbonate resin.

The existing polycarbonate films have been modified to improve their performance. For instance, PC materials are not scratch proof. However, it is only through this that you can obtain a scratch proof polycarbonate films. It is only through this technological advancements that has seen these films being used in instrument panel overlays, medical applications, dial indicators, back lit displays, thermo formed plants, etc.

There is a lot of research going on in this particular area and there’s likelihood that soon, more advanced polycarbonate films will be available in the market. Like other products, purchasing all your products from a reputable store could save you the agony of paying so much for substandard films. You should trust only those stores which avail genuine information about their products. They should help you to make the right decision.

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