These sheets are popular with gardeners who find it easier to install and maintain. They are associated with cost saving besides being a safer option than glass. Finding the best polycarbonate roofing sheets starts by identifying a reliable and reputable supplier. They sell quality polycarbonate products.

Things to Consider Before Buying Polycarbonate Roofing Sheets
A polycarbonate roofing sheet

Colour; these sheets come in a wide range of colours which determine the degree of light transmission. The amount of light which penetrates through the wall will determine the temperature of the interior section (region under the roof). Some of the most common colours include: clear sheet where over 90% of light can penetrate through and they are mainly used in northerly altitudes. The white and bronze sheets reduce the degree of light penetration by about 50% and they are mainly used in warmer climates.


Protection; even though polycarbonates have proved to be durable and versatile plastics, they need some protection to prolong their service lifespan. These protections include:

1. Ultraviolet layer which protects it from weathering and degradation.
2. Anti-scratch layer which protects it from abrasion
3. Condensation protection which prevents moisture from condensing more so in the multi-layer polycarbonates.


Insulation; this property is associated with significant energy saving. Multi-wall polycarbonate roofing sheets have the best insulation properties and this has been the main reason why they are used in northerly latitudes. They reduce the cost of heating during winter. Additional insulation enhances diffusion of light which increases productivity in greenhouses. This is where the R-value, which is used to measure the degree of insulation, becomes handy.

Design; these sheets are available in a wide range of configurations which include:


1.A single layer polycarbonate roofing sheet which has the highest degree of light transmission, but with little insulation. There’s no diffusion of light and hence not recommended for greenhouse construction.
2.The corrugated polycarbonate sheets have a stronger structure and they encourage light diffusion.
3.The multi-wall polycarbonate which are known for superior heat insulation.


These are the basic properties one needs to consider when shopping for this durable roofing material.