The retractable pool enclosures are great investments for swimming pool enthusiasts. You can always enjoy swimming throughout the year, be it chilly or temperate weather.

The pool enclosure can allow the sun’s energy to reach the surrounding of the pool. This is such a thrilling experience. After all, who does not enjoy being in the swimming pool during a sunny day? It actually presents the best time to go for swimming.



Even though the pool enclosures have been trending in the recent past, very many people are not aware of their benefits.

They think having a “simple hole” filled with water and a beautiful cover is just good enough. They do not bother to see the creativity or even the statement the swimming pool enclosure can make.

Before we highlight some of its benefits, it is good to describe what a retractable pool enclosure is. These pool enclosures are similar to a sunroom or just a large room with transparent walls to allow light.

swimming pool



The wheels or rails have been incorporated around it to allow opening and closing of the enclosure. This means that they provide an indoor setting, which has an outdoor view. This is really amazing!

Flexibility and convenience of swimming pool


Having said that, we have to consider another crucial step before talking about the benefits of pool enclosures. As it is with all products and services, benefits are the final results the end user expects to enjoy.

You need to lay down the foundation that will ensure that we maximize on these benefits. Let’s have this foundation first.


The installation considerations


There are a number of things you need to consider when installing the retractable pool enclosure systems. They include the following:

  1. The size of the pool enclosure

This basically refers to the dimension of the enclosure. You can describe it in terms of the geometrical shape of the pool. It can be rectangular, square, oval or triangular.check some dimension guide from papersource.

dimension guide of the enclosure


When you go for a complex shape, then you should be prepared to pay more. So, what if we propose either the square or rectangular shapes? Well, you could save some money.

Still focusing on dimensions, there are array of factors to consider here. Do you want your pool enclosure to have chairs and tables? Don’t even think about this for a second, you will require more space and a large pool enclosure.

You have to consider the swimming pool specifications. If you have a pool of about 50 by 40 meters, then the enclosure must be slightly larger than this area. Don’t forget to consider your requirements, they play a significant role too.

  1. Style or design

The pool enclosure should add value to your outdoor so, just go for one that matches the backyard or garden. There are very many shapes available, be it a dome-shape or one that is customized for you. It should be an elegant design.

In addition to this, there are the freestanding and extensions to existing structures. Normally, the free standing designs give you an opportunity to do a lot with the space around the pool. You can plant flowers around the swimming pool to give it a natural touch.

swimming pool cover



  1. The mode of operation

The modern retractable pool enclosures have the automated systems. You can open and close the swimming pool by pushing a button. This implies that, you won’t struggle pushing both sides of the swimming pool enclosure.

You can open and close the pool enclosure without other people’s assistance. The process is very fast and convenient.

  1. Cost

How much will it cost you to purchase and install these enclosures? You need to request for a quote and compare it with your budget. You need to compare quotes from different contractors.

This will ensure that you maximize on your budget. There are companies that supply quality swimming pool equipment at affordable prices.

  1. Contractor

You must go for an experienced contractor who can meet your requirements. It is important to select a provider with an experience in various products used in the swimming pool cover construction.

Remember, the aluminum profiles, electrical control systems and the multiwall polycarbonate sheets are some of the key materials. The contractor should have at least 10 years’ experience.

aluminum for swimming pool cover


The benefits of pool enclosure systems

The retractable pool enclosures have quite a number of benefits. This has been the main reason for the high demand, which is evident in America, Europe and Australia among other regions. You should expect the following when you install these pool enclosures:

1.Expect to have a longer swimming season. That is, from late spring to early autumn without spending more money on heating the swimming pool water. It is cost effective.

women swim in a swimming pool


2.The multiwall polycarbonate sheet, which is the primary material used as the pool cover has excellent insulation properties. It traps heat, thus keeping the swimming pool water warm for a long period of time. This reduces water temperature loss.

Multi Wall Polycarbonate Sheet for swimming pool enclosure


3.The overall structure is easier to maintain considering that the aluminum rods used to make the structure are corrosion resistant. Cleaning the polycarbonate roofing panel is also easier.

How to Install the Aluminum Polycarbonate Profiles


4.They reduce the swimming pool maintenance costs significantly by reducing evaporation and the water getting contaminated.

5.The enclosure guarantees safety, thereby reducing chances of accidents. They ensure that unauthorized persons do not access the pool.

6.They protect the swimming pool from adverse weather conditions


The modern designs feature sophisticated systems such as advanced dust protection, energy saving and UV protection. Depending on the grade of the polycarbonate sheet, the warranty period can be up to 15 years.

In short, the swimming pool enclosure comes with amazing benefits, making it a great investment. All the innovations that have been witnessed so far, aims at saving costs and making it convenient.

This can only possible if the appropriate installation procedures have been adopted. If you need quality pool enclosures at the best price possible, don’t hesitate to contact us.