Apart from the obvious expenses ordinary people can pin-point there are other hidden screen enclosure costs that directly affect the repair, maintenance and daily operations of swimming pools.

standard swimming pool enclosure

A number of pool owners are not always aware of these costs thus, they are caught unaware.

Broadly, all the 7 costs can be categorized as either repair or maintenance costs. They include:

1. How Much Will You Spend on Tools & Equipment?

This is a crucial aspect for anyone who owns a swimming pool.

Well, at some point, you will need to fix light, HVAC systems, broken section of the enclosure, etc.

Quite a number of people who own swimming pool enclosure does not bother to buy tools for repair and maintenance.

qualified swimming pool contractor

Get the right tools to repair your swimming pool enclosure

Most people only think about these tools when a swimming pool screen enclosure is faulty.

It’s simple, equip yourself with the right tools and equipment at all times.

2. Cost of Hiring a Swimming Pool Repair Technician/Company

At some point, you will hire a technician or company to repair/replace your swimming pool.

This is important screen pool enclosure costs, especially with the fluctuating labor rates in the market.

dismantle the old swimming pool enclosure

Hire the right contractors and consider labor costs you will incur

Considering you may not be able to manage your swimming pool, hiring a professional in this field will be a better option.

These technicians will visit your home to keep the pool running all seasons long.

Labor costs may vary slightly depending on your location, minimum wage rate or task at hand.

Just ensure you’re updated with the current hiring trends in the market.

3. A pool enclosure requires regular service and inspection

Pool inspection may include a number of services whose costs vary slightly. This could be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly pool inspections. This will depend on how frequently you use the swimming pool. You should have basic tips on how to reduce pool enclosure maintenance costs.

pool chemical cost

The PH should be balanced

durable pool enclosure

Check whether locking mechanisms is functioning properly

Normally, it is advisable to ask your contractor the kind of services he/she offers.

You will find that every company may specialize on different services.

Always balance between premium services and affordable option.

4. Do You Have an Insurance Policy?

When you opt for an insurance policy, a home with a swimming pool will generally attract high monthly premiums.

You should be conversant with the rates within your area and be ready to bear the cost.

Remember, in some countries, an insurance policy is compulsory.

pool enclosure cost saving

Cut compensation claims by covering your swimming pool

5. How Much Will it Cost to Run a Swimming Pool Enclosure?

You need to consider the daily operations such as opening and closing the swimming pool.

Cleaning or operating HVAC systems will increase the operational costs.

You should have all these in mind to ensure you don’t inconvenience swimming pool users.


Enjoying swimming comes with a number of operational costs

For the automated screen enclosures, you need to consider wear and tear in the pulley systems besides the cost of electrical energy to drive the motors.

6. Renovation or Upgrading Could be Necessary

Technology is ever changing. At some point, you’d wish to upgrade your screen enclosure.

This will come at a cost depending on the technology you’d wish to incorporate.

Here are indications that an enclosure requires replacement.

damage swimming pool dome

You have no option but, to replace the enclosure

Most people do not foresee this screen enclosure cost.

Well, this is because one may not be able tell how much the technology will cost.

It is advisable to save for it and if possible, try to upgrade every time there is a new technology you feel is worthwhile.

7. Not Having Your Priorities Right Leading Poor Design

Aim to design the swimming pool to meet your own specifications and not your neighbor’s.

Have your priorities right.

You need to highlight all the basic features the screen enclosure should possess.

any shape of Automatic Retractable Pool Covers

Consider design and materials you need for the swimming pool enclosure

This is to avoid chances of rebuilding a new pool enclosures just a few months later.

This will be an unnecessary expense.


As you can see, there are quite a number of screen enclosure costs that not so many swimming pool owners are actually aware of.

You need to note all possible costs related to having a swimming pool enclosure.