In ground pool enclosures come in different designs and shapes.

In fact, it is easy to describe swimming pool enclosures based on their roof designs and shapes.

Apparently, the round edge swimming pool enclosures are the most common designs in the industry.

In fact, nearly 86% of our clients in both North America and Europe order for round edge swimming pool enclosures.

swimming pool enclosure from Excelite

Why Choose in Ground Pool Enclosures with a Round Edge?

The round edge in ground swimming pool enclosures are not popular by chance.

It is due to the following key reasons:

Additional space

Depending on your enclosure profile (low or high profile), the round edge pool enclosures create more space.

For this reason, you have enough space to include other things in the pool enclosure.

in ground pool screen enclosures

A spacious in ground swimming pool enclosures

In most cases, the high profile is a perfect choice if you want to include furniture or flowers.

I have come across people who claim the round edge enclosures are expensive. This is not true.

If you consider long-term cost of polycarbonate enclosure, you will realize it is the cheapest.

Improving aesthetic and economic value of the pool area

Why do you think realtors focus on construction swimming pools?

It is because of the value it adds to a property.

Excelite swimming pool enclosure

Round edge in ground pool enclosures will definitely transform your home.

But, first of all, you need to choose the right size and color tint.

You may have a round shape and incorporate diverse styles.

Thus, making it possible to complement and outdoor landscaping idea.

Ability to blend with outdoor environment

I know everyone is looking for one thing that forms a perfect match for their environment.

A round edge swimming pool enclosure installed outdoors looks more natural.

In fact, it blends well with any outdoor environment.

Adds appeal to the house architecture

Well, you may have a complex architectural design.

But, it is only the round edge pool enclosures that will complement this design.

As a matter of fact, it will also complement your swimming pool deck.

Whether it is constructed from wood, natural stone or concrete.

These types of pool enclosures are a perfect choice for you.

Easy to construct and design

If you look at our swimming pool enclosure installation guide, the process involves just a few steps.

Not much reinforcement is required like in the case of mansard or gable designs.

You need about 2 to 3 days to complete the work.

in ground pool enclosures

A swimming pool enclosure contractor at work

Snow and water easily slide off the surface

At no point will you find water or snow accumulating on top of your pool enclosure.

They will drain down to the swimming pool deck.

For this reason, your enclosure will remains free from unnecessary load.

Streamlined shape

Depending on the direction of installation, curved surfaces offer very little resistance to wind.

Thus, your round edge pool enclosure cannot be blown away by wind.

Remember, we design our polycarbonate swimming pool enclosure to withstand wind speed of up to 230km/hr.

It seems like going for the round swimming pool enclosure is the best decision you can ever make in life.

So, which options should you go for?

Round edge in ground pool enclosure designs

There is a broad range of factors we use to classify different types of round edge pool enclosures.

Let’s begin by the:

Height from the swimming pool deck

Broadly, any swimming pool enclosure can be classified as either a high or low profile swimming pool enclosure.

I had mentioned this earlier.

in ground pool enclosures

A low profile swimming pool enclosure

As you can see, this pool enclosure has a small space above the water surface.

You will notice even the entrance is located on its roof.

in ground swimming pool enclosure

A high profile above the ground swimming pool enclosure

This round pool enclosure has a large space around its deck and above the water surface.

You can walk or install other equipment within the pool.

The questions is, which one should you go for?

We recommend a high profile round edge in ground pool enclosures.

This is due to the extra space available.

A semi-circular cover

This is a popular design too due to simple installation process.

They are available in many shapes and designs.

As the name suggests, the entire cover forms a perfect curve.

Below is one of the top selling brand in the European market.

choose the swimming pool enclosure

Depending on your favorite design, you can opt for a low or high profile.

For our high polycarbonate swimming pool enclosures, we install the door on one of its ends.

in ground pool enclosures locking mechanism

Locking mechanisms for swimming pool enclosure

A slightly curved surface edge with a frat surface

This design is mostly common for in ground pool enclosures.

Normally, the surface can either be curved or flat depending on the design of the swimming pool enclosure.

outdoor pool enclosure

Low profile swimming pool enclosure

It will all depend on your favorite design of the pool enclosure.

Composite swimming pool enclosure designs

We use this to refer to a pool enclosure with a curved surface but, features other designs as well.

For instance, you may have a pool enclosure with a gable or mansard roof, but, with a round edge.

Residential Swimming Pool Enclosure

Quite a number of people who go for these designs mainly strive to match the roofs of the houses with that of the swimming pool.

To be honest with you, composite roof designs are slightly expensive.

Moreover, they may require additional reinforcement.

Still, if you need one, just contact our technical staff and we will definitely assist you in the process.

Remember, we are the leading manufacturers of customized in ground enclosures in China.

We can design any type of in ground pool enclosure with around surface.

standard swimming pool enclosure

Our team will also advise you accordingly.

It is not just about having the best design in town.

But, we also focus on the feasibility of your design too.

For example, it will be unrealistic to have a complex design that offer a lot of resistance to wind flow.

If you install these designs in wind prone areas, they will be blown away.


There are so many designs of round edge in ground pool enclosures.

It is upon you to decide on a specific type you need.

We advise all our clients to work closely with our technical team to get their unique designs done to specification.