People crave to have the best screen pool enclosures on their outdoor.

They have invested a lot of money just to get the best.

One that will be a focal point in their compound by choosing the best materials and going for superior designs.

However, without an understanding of the available options in the market, this dream may seem unachievable.

So, how do we classify swimming pool screen enclosures? Which one should you go for?

Excelite swimming pool enclosure

For a fact, there are many screen pool enclosures.


For the purpose of this article I will focus on two broad categories:

  1. Types of material
  2. Roof design

Types of Material for Screen Pool Enclosures

When considering materials, you need to note that there are the structural and glazing sections of the enclosure.

Of course, both will require different materials.

Let’s discuss these two structures:

Glazing Materials

Swimming pool enclosures

A polycarbonate screen enclosure

Broadly, you can choose a screen pool enclosure manufactured from either glass or polycarbonate.

Traditionally, most enclosures were mainly constructed from glass.

However, most swimming pool enclosure manufacturing companies have shifted to polycarbonate sheet.

This is due to its superior physical and chemical properties.

That is, polycarbonate is shatterproof, durable, dimensionally stable, lightweight, easy to fabricate and customize.

This makes polycarbonate sheet a perfect choice for the screen enclosure glazing material. Follow this link to learn more about: Features of polycarbonate and glass pool enclosures.

Structural Components

pool enclosure frame

Aluminum pool enclosure structure

Again, here, there are a several options to choose from.

These include wood, steel and aluminum, just to mention a few.

So far, extruded aluminum is a perfect choice for this swimming pool enclosure.

It is due to lightweight, corrosion resistance, easy to customize and strength.

In short, opting for screen enclosure constructed from polycarbonate sheet and aluminum rods is a perfect choice.

It will serve you for a long period of time.

Design of  The Screen Pool Enclosure

You can find various swimming pool enclosure design ideas online.

However, to make it unique, you need to improve on these designs.

Maybe tweaking the shape or construction material.

When it comes to changing specifications, you need to work closely with a qualified technician.

He/she will recommend appropriate materials based on your design requirements.

Remember, a design must not compromise on quality or strength of the enclosure.

A design of screen pool enclosures solely depend on the shape of the enclosure.

Below are some of the most common shapes you can consider:

A Dome Roof Design

This is one of the most common designs in most homes.

As the name suggests, the roof section take the form of a dome – a semicircular shape.

You need to get a creative architecture who can spice up this shape.

Remember, only creativity will make your pool screen enclosure unique.

standard swimming pool enclosure

The good thing about dome shapes is that, snow or dirt can easily slide off the enclosure roof.

Making it easy to clean and maintain.

Mansard Roof  Design

It is a unique pool enclosure design that has a flat surface with angled edges.

Normally the angle formed is more than 90 degrees.

Sections that slide downwards can take any geometrical shape – rectangular, square of triangular.

It will depend on the creativity of your technician.

pool enclosure model G

Gable Roof Design

The roof is triangular in nature.

Generally, it can be described as a peaked swimming pool enclosure.


Gable roof design

Hip Roof  Design

These screen pool enclosures have 4 sides. The four sides peak in the middle of the enclosure at an angle.

Hip roof design

Hip roof design for screen pool enclosures

Shed Roof  Design

Basically, this looks like an extension of the main roof of your house.

It is one of the most economical roofs.

Shed roof design

Swimming pool with shed roof design


There are very many screen pool enclosures, it upon you to choose one blends well with your outdoor.

You also check Houzz Website for more ideas.

Alternatively, you can also choose a design from your contractor’s collection.