Are you planning to buy swimming pool dome enclosure?

You are in the right place, I will take you through a step-by-step process on how you can get the right equipment for your pool.

The aim of this guide is to help you get the right pool dome within the limited resources at your disposal.

By the end of this guide to swimming pool dome enclosure, you should be able to make a sound decision that you won’t regret later in life.

First, I want you to understand that cost of swimming pool enclosures vary depending on design, size, choice of materials and functionality.

Normally the pool dome prices may vary between $10 for plastic air domes to $1,110 (aluminum and vinyl enclosures).

So, let’s start the process:

Plan for the Pool Dome Enclosure

It is this simple – if you fail to plan, then you are planning to fail.

Planning is an important part of any swimming pool enclosure project.

It is a broad process that could take the better part of your time.

As you plan, you need to focus on the following key aspects:

  1. Where to install pool dome enclosure

Where do you plan to install the pool cover?

Is for an indoor or outdoor swimming pool enclosure.

Which type of swimming pool do you have?

Is it an in-ground or above the ground swimming pool?

Pool Dome Enclosures

Swimming pool dome enclosure

This will help you to have a rough picture of what you should expect.

Remember, there are building codes that clearly stipulate where you should install such equipment.

Contact your local building authority for more information.

Pool Dome Enclosures

Building codes

  1. Size of the pool enclosure

The size of your pool cover will be determined by the size of the swimming pool.

So, get to know the right dimension of the pool.

Use a tape measure to get these details.

You need to be clear on three dimension – length, width and height.

For circular dome enclosures, you will determine the diameter and height of the pool.

  1. Shape of the swimming pool dome enclosure

Oval and round shape are the most common.

However, there are square and rectangular shapes.

As a matter of fact, there are so many pool enclosure roofing ideas you can opt for.

Choose one that suits your needs.

Pool Dome Enclosures

Swimming pool roof covers

In summary, during the planning stage, focus on:

  • Where you want to install the pool cover.
  • A vivid description of the pool – size and design.

Choose the Right Materials for Your Pool Dome Cover

As you can see from our pool enclosure gallery, modern cover feature ultra-durable engineering materials.

The choice of material will depend on the exact location it should be used.

Broadly, a swimming pool dome cover has two main sections:

  1. Structural members of components

This is primary section that defines the shape of the pool cover.

Thus, you need to choose a material that can easily be fabricated to conform to a specific design.

Again, it should be strong enough, durable, lightweight and corrosion resistant.

Pool Dome Enclosures

Aluminum frame for dome enclosures

In this case, we only one material for this section – extruded aluminum rods. T

his is due to the desirable physical and chemical properties of aluminum.

  1. Glazing material

It is the outer cover of that is normally fixed on the aluminum frame.

Apparently, vinyl material seems to be a perfect choice for this section.

It possesses some of the desires properties such as:

  • Filter harmful UV radiation
  • Insulation property, thus, maintains swimming pool temperature
  • Resistant to moisture and humidity
  • Strong and durable
  • It can be recycled
  • Low cost material

Of course, there are other components such as fasteners or any other additional accessory.

This may vary slightly depending on your design.

Budget – How Much do You Want to Spend?

First, before you write anything down claiming to be your budget, you need to conduct a feasibility study.

That is, do a research to determine whether the design you’ve opted for suits your budget.

In your budget, you should include unit prices of pool dome enclosure components alongside other additional features you want to include.

I know budgeting is a tedious process.

Here are useful budgeting tips.

You may hire someone to help you go about the process.

Today, installing a pool enclosure or fence is compulsory.

This is according to various swimming pool safety regulations.

Choose a Best Deal Available in The Market

Well, you need to purchase this product from a company that meets the following key criteria:

  • Quality control, thus, reliable products.
  • Genuine, reliable and has a good reputation.
  • Adheres to manufacturing codes and regulations
  • Competitive prices
  • After sales services and good customer care

For a fact Excelite Plastics Ltd. is the only company that meets this criteria.

You can contact us today and we shall help go about this process successfully.

Total Cost of  The Project

This should include the cost of buying and installing the swimming pool.

In case you want to save on some expenses, you can also opt for the DIY swimming pool dome enclosure installation process.

Each product comes with an installation instructions.

Pool Dome Enclosures

Workers constructing swimming pool enclosure

The good thing about buying swimming pool enclosure products from us is: we shall ship the product to our doorstep.

After you’ve got the exact swimming pool dome enclosure you were looking for, confirm the validity of your warranty.

This will save you from any repair cost that may be due to the manufacturing process in the factory.

These are simple steps, however, it is worth noting that most buyers do forget.

When you ignore any of these steps, there is a high possibility that you will choose a wrong pool dome cover.


Whenever you are planning to buy a swimming pool dome enclosure, it is important that you plan, budget, look for a better deal and choose a reliable supplier.

This is a systematic process that you need to follow keenly.

For any questions on how to buy the right swimming pool dome cover, you can contact us today.