If you want your perennials to propagate in entire winter season,then store them in a greenhouse made with a twin wall polycarbonate sheet.

A single layer sheet is not effective,and triple layer is appropriate only for harsh climate,therefore double layer is the most suitable option to safeguard your plants.

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It is highly advisable to build your greenhouse with polycarbonate sheets to get UV protection, proper light diffusion, and control condensation.




Greenhouses covered with plastic sheets are not effective in retaining heat, whereas greenhouses made with double wall polycarbonate are highly recommended.

It is because they are connected ribbed channels, which generates insulation to provide the greenhouse adequate heat when required.


Twin wall polycarbonate sheet


These twin sheets come in different thickness and the higher the thickness,the more air space between these panels.

It is worth stating here that thicker panels used to have terrific insulating properties.


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The common types of twin wall sheets starts from 2mm,4mm,6mm,8mm and 10 mm.If you want proper insulation and heat during winter,it is highly advisable to use sheets with 8mm or 10 mm thickness.



The R value of sheet increases with thickness such as a4mm twin wall polycarbonate has R 1.43 whereas 6mm twin wall polycarbonate consists of R 1.54.

Likewise,8mm twin wall polycarbonate incorporates R 1.61 and 10mm twin wall polycarbonate comes with R 1.89.

Twin-wall Polycarbonate R-value


With a twin wall sheet,you will get remarkable UV protection and other benefits of single wall sheet,including light diffusion and condensation control to provide sufficient heat during winter season.

Your greenhouse can be heated by using propane,natural gas or an electric heater based on the area size.

No matter which type of heat you’re looking for,it is highly advisable to add good circulation fans to distribute heat evenly across the greenhouse.



Right circulation can cut down the energy cost by 5%,and controls mildew.

While ensuring insulation with twin wall polycarbonate sheet, make sure that there is proper ventilation in your greenhouse.

twin wall polycarbonate sheet



If you live in moderate to warm climate,you can use single panel polycarbonate sheet as it is capable to provide right heat and protect the plants from harmful sunlight.

But,if you live in cold climates,you must use twin wall polycarbonate sheet covered greenhouse to save your perennials.

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