Polycarbonate sheets have become really popular with the new technological advancement in the thermoplastics industry.

They have remained competitive due to their superlative features and cost effectiveness. They are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes and profiles which meet the specific requirements for a wide range of applications.

Double Wall Polycarbonate Panels

Excelite is one of those companies which has ventured in this industry for over a decade.

This company sells quality and reliable polycarbonate profiles which are classified as polycarbonate U profiles and polycarbonate H profiles.

Their polycarbonates are designed to match the PC sheets besides being easy to install and adaptable to a wide range of industrial applications.


Like other polycarbonate products which are available in the market,the polycarbonate profiles are strong since they can withstand high pressure and resist impact.

They have a longer life span,and can withstand harsh environmental conditions such as fluctuating environmental temperature and chemicals.

Also,they are not affected by UV rays since they have an excellent UV protection It is for these reasons that Excelite polycarbonate profiles have been on high demand in the recent past.


Polycarbonate Profiles from excelite


They are used in a wide range of applications in both domestic and industrial setup.

These polycarbonate products are used for roofing applications such as in skylights, sunshade for building, lighting for corridors, walkways etc. 

They are used to construct greenhouses, botanical gardens and conservatories.

In industrial setup, they are used to construct warehouse roofs and glazing.  Generally, PCs are versatile and flexible materials which can be used for virtually every application.


The U-type polycarbonate profiles come in a wide range of sizes and they are mainly used to cover the ends of polycarbonate sheets thereby preventing seepage of either dust or water into the hollow PC sheets.

Even though they have standard thickness and length, you can also opt for a customized designs.  On the other hand, the H –type polycarbonate profiles are mainly used to fix PC sheets with the thickness of between 4.5mm and 10mm.

They are mainly used to connect two multi-walled polycarbonate sheets especially in both interior and vertical partitions.

How to Maintain Polycarbonate Connecting Profile

Like the U-types polycarbonate profiles, in case you are in need a customized version of Excelite’s H-type polycarbonate profile you also request for a quote.


Excelite’s polycarbonate profiles can be used to connect PC sheets which cover larger areas in structural buildings and greenhouses.

The H and U profiles have been designed in such a way that they can provide both an aesthetic and elegant look.

They do not affect the incoming light in various regions where they have been used to connect the polycarbonate sheets. 

They feature the following key elements:

  1. They can be bent at the minimal radii which is permitted by the PC sheet.
  2. Most profiles are manufactured from clear PCs thus, they do not affect the optical properties of the PC material.
  3. They offer superb sealing properties in both walls and roofs.
  4. They are light and flexible making the installation process easy thereby eliminating cost of labor.

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