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The multi-wall polycarbonate sheets play a significant role in the present agricultural marketplace.This is because famers can manipulate all the important environmental factors which favor plant growth to suit their needs.  Furthermore,these polycarbonate sheets have a light weight thus,there is no need for much reinforcement.They are also strong thereby protecting plants from damage.


Multi-wall Polycarbonate Greenhouse


A number of times people find themselves in dilemma especially when it comes to choosing between the multi-wall polycarbonate sheets and the corrugated polycarbonate sheets.When it comes to greenhouse construction, it is important to put much emphasis on those factors which favor growth alongside other factors which can make the entire process cost effective.


The multi-wall polycarbonate greenhouse offer one of the glazing solutions as far as cost saving process in concerned.Some of the most important aspects to consider include:

1.Protected from the disastrous ultraviolet radiations

These glazing products are coated with high performance ultraviolet radiation protection layer co-extruded on either sides or one side which is exposed to the UV radiation.This implies that these polycarbonate sheets can filter up to 98% of the damaging radiation.Additionally,the protective layer increases the lifespan of the sheet by protecting it from weathering.This protective layer only allows for the beneficial infra-red to pass through the polycarbonate sheet making them suitable for promoting ideal environment.


2.Energy and insulation

The multi-wall polycarbonate greenhouse are known for their energy saving capability since they offer an excellent insulation value.In greenhouses,a greater proportion of heat is lost through the covering which may require for additional heating process.This directly affects the total cost of running the greenhouse.

The amount of energy a polycarbonate glazing sheet can save is determined using the R-value.A higher R-value indicates better insulation.Again,as the number of polycarbonate layers increases,the insulation factor also increases. That is,if you consider polycarbonate sheets whose thickness is about 4mm with one having two walls while the other having 4 walls,the four-wall polycarbonate sheet will offer a better insulation than the twin-wall sheet.Again,the R-value depends on the thickness or the area of the polycarbonate sheets.

An 8mm,four wall polycarbonate sheet will have an R –value of about 2.08 while an 8mm,twin wall polycarbonate sheet will have an R-value of about 1.67.In addition to this,considering glazing sheets with equal number of layers.though,with a varying thickness of the individual polycarbonate sheets then,sheet which are 6mm thick will have an R-value of about 1.59,8mm sheet will have an R-value of about 1.67 while a 10mm sheet will have an R-value of 1.79.

The degree of insulation will depend on the surrounding environmental conditions and the specific requirements of the plant.


3.Light diffusion

an even distribution of light will enhance plant’s growth. The multi-wall polycarbonate greenhouse have been designed in such a way that light can be distributed evenly within the greenhouse to reach all sections of the plants for an enhanced growth. Normally there is no burning effects in this scenario.