Polycarbonate Matte Sheet Application


Polycarbonate sheets are versatile materials which are used in a wide range of applications. They can be modified to fulfil certain requirements which are required for a given application.

For instance, polycarbonate resins are affected by UV light therefore, to increase their service life, they have to be protected against UV radiation.

tinting material


Moreover, these sheets are coated with scratch proof coating to ensure that they are free from scratches.

It is worth noting that quite a number of polycarbonate sheets which are used in most industrial applications have textured surfaces. This is mainly done to improve either the light dispersion property or their light transmittance capability.

Every process involved when it comes to the modification of the outer surface of these sheets comes with a price tag attached to it. You need to identify a reliable and reputable company after which you can request for a quote.

textured polycarbonate sheet

The use of matte sheet has been one of the recent developments in the polycarbonate manufacturing industry.

In fact, the use of polycarbonate matte sheet has been gaining popularity due to the numerous advantages if offers to the end user. A polycarbonate matte sheet can also be referred to as frosted sheet.

Matte can also be used alongside other films such as velvet to make a polycarbonate sheets attain certain performance characteristics.

For instance, there are instances where a polycarbonate sheet may have matte on one side of the sheet and velvet on the other side of the same sheet.


Polycarbonate Matte Sheet


Different types of polycarbonate matte sheets can be tailored to offer specific benefits to the end user.

For instance, the Excelite matte polycarbonate sheet guarantee the following key benefits:

  • Used in areas where privacy is important since they are translucent materials
  • They are durable just like the ordinary polycarbonate material
  • Lightweight
  • Their light transmission capability ranges between 40% and 72%
  • Having an anti-ultraviolet light protection.

As a result, they are used for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Matte sheet

The indoor applications may include the following:

  • Interior design
  • Window decoration
  • Partitioning various sections of the room
  • Making ceiling etc.

On the other hand, the outdoor applications may include the following:

  1. Making advertising billboards
  2. Construction of roofs such as those of walkways, overhead bridge skylights, balcony etc.
Skylight Projects in Oil Station-3mm embossed polycarbonate sheet

Generally, these sheets are versatile materials which can be used for virtually all applications.

The available polycarbonate matte sheets come in different shades such as light green, green, clear, brown and gray. When you are planning to buy these sheets, there are a number of factors you need to consider such as light transmittance, insulation factor, ultraviolet ray absorption and yellowness.

textured polycarbonate sheet


It is worth noting that these polycarbonate sheets can last for about ten years before they begin to turn yellow. This is a clear indication that the UV protection treatment is of high quality.

Other factors such as the insulation factor and the light transmittance vary with the shade of the matte sheet.

For instance, a clear matte sheet has a light transmittance of about 93.56%; the gray one has a light transmittance of about 16.73% while the green matte sheets have light transmittance of about 49.56%.

Matte polycarbonate sheet



This variation in performance is also evident when it comes to the insulation factor. That is, a clear matte sheet has an insulation factor of 12.53%, the gray sheets have and insulation factor of about 16.045 while the green matte sheet have an insulation factor of about 14.53%.

Therefore, you need to define the nature of application in question to be able to balance between the various basic properties of polycarbonate matte sheets which are likely to affect the expected outcome of your project.

Indeed, it is a challenging task thus, you need to hire a company which has been in this industry for quite some time. This could be a better way to go about this process more efficiently.


Polycarbonate Matte Sheet indoor

The available polycarbonate matte sheets feature the following key features which determine their overall performance in practical situations:

The anti UV coating

This is an important coating which prevents the yellowing of the polycarbonate sheets which reduces the transparency of this material.

An efficient anti-aging and anti-UV coating will prolong the life span of this material,some even go beyond 10 years.

They are designed with a lot of anti-UV elements on the surface which block ultraviolet rays from penetrating through to the polycarbonate sheet.



Flame resistance

This is another key property which is worth considering.

Polycarbonate matte sheets are self-extinguishing thus, they can be used in applications which are prone to fire outbreak. They have a superb flame resistance of up to B1 grade.

They can only self-ignite at a temperature of about 630°C which is pretty high. This also implies that in case of fire, these materials will not contribute to the spread of fire.

Moreover, as they burn, they do not produce poisonous gases which are disastrous since they pollute the environment.


Impact resistance

It is an important property in any design process. They are stronger than most materials such as glass and acrylic.

The can maintain their strength within a wide range of temperature. This implies that even when they are used in outdoor applications such as in the construction of greenhouses,the will maintain this property even when the temperature tends to fluctuate.

impact resistance

Light transmission

This property varies with the type of matte being used.

That is, different shades such as clear and green matte sheets have different degrees of light transmittance. These matte sheets have been designed in such a way that they can prevent the strongest sunlight energy from reaching the surface of the polycarbonate material.

light transmission

Shape stability

They are dimensionally stable and they will remain intact no matter the variation in the environmental temperature. This guarantees efficiency of PC material.

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