The twin wall polycarbonate sheeting is a perfect glazing material for greenhouses, conservatory roofing, canopies, skylights, summer houses and smoking shelter roofing amongst other roofing applications.

This is due to the numerous benefits it offers such as efficiency and cost effectiveness.

It is one of the main reasons why it has become one of the most popular roofing materials in the modern construction industry.

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Like the polycarbonate resin, the twin wall polycarbonate sheets are known for their lightweight, high impact resistant, good light transmission, easy installation and excellent insulation properties.

This makes them suitable for a wide range of both domestic and industrial applications.

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Key features of twin wall polycarbonate sheets


Light weight

This is one key feature which is essential when it comes to construction.

In most cases, when the roofing material is very heavy,stronger construction materials will be required to construct both the walls and roof structure.

This will ultimately make the process more expensive. The fact that polycarbonates have a good balance of low weight and high impact resistance makes it easier to design light weight structures with a longer life span.

This saves on costs significantly. In fact, you may end up saving over 30% of the total costs with careful planning.

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Ease of installation

The total cost of any project will be determined by the installation process.

If the process is more demanding and cumbersome, there are chances that the total cost of installation will be higher.

The twin wall polycarbonate sheets are easy to install. They can be cut easily and be cold formed into a wide range of shapes without any pre-forming processes.

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This reduces the amount of wastages since the sheet will not crack when it is being cut.

The good thing about this is that the total cost will reduce significantly. The pre-forming process and wastages can increase the costs significantly.


Energy efficiency

How much do you spend on energy?

The cost of energy has been increasing in the recent past thus,there is need to get better ways of reducing energy consumption.

Polycarbonates are some of the best thermal and electrical insulators.

For this reasons, multiwall polycarbonates help to save on energy costs significantly. This is because they have air spaces in between the layers which act as insulators.

This guarantees one of the best thermal insulation. They are used in electrical components too with anti-static charge polycarbonates being used in a number of industrial applications.


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A number of polycarbonate products can be recycled hence, reducing the amount of waste in the environment.

This is mainly common with most high performance polycarbonate materials. It is important to note that most people tend to go for polycarbonate sheets which have been manufactured from virgin materials.

They are more expensive than those that have been manufactured from the recycled materials.



Of course, there are some applications where the polycarbonate sheets which have been manufactured from recycled materials can still be used.

In such scenarios, it is advisable to avoid those that have been manufactured from virgin materials.



This is yet another unique feature which most polycarbonate resins are associated with.

In case of fire, chances of fire spreading is greatly reduced since the twin wall polycarbonate sheets have exceptional fire extinguishing property.


Unlike most substances, polycarbonates do not give off toxic gases which makes it eco-friendly.

This materials have been tested and it is highly recommended for areas where the chances of fire incidences are very high.

Installing these items will reduce the cost of destruction since fire will not spread at a faster rate instead, it will be extinguished.



This is a key feature in any design process.

The fact that polycarbonates can be thermoformed severally without breaking makes them suitable for a wide range of applications.

The twin wall sheets can be cold bent however,you should avoid exerting excessive tension on the sheet.

When it is being cold curved, the minimum radius should not be less than 150 times the overall thickness of the sheet. Moreover, the bending process should take place longitudinally.

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The UV and anti-scratch protection

Although the twin wall polycarbonate sheets have a high impact resistance, they are vulnerable to both scratch and UV light.

Normally, if the surface of polycarbonate sheets are left untreated, they tend to turn yellow when exposed to sunlight which results to their degradation.

On the other hand, if they are not treated with anti-scratch coating, they tend to develop scratches within a very short period of time.


To ensure that the sheets remain effective and efficient for a very long period of time, the sheets should have a UV protection and have an anti-scratch coating.  

A yellow polycarbonate sheet will reduce the transmission property significantly. This will be the same scenario for a multiwall sheet with a lot of scratches.


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Normally, most people get excited about the fact that they can control the amount of sunlight in their patios or houses, temperature and sound using these polycarbonate sheets.

This is never obvious. If you happen to purchase substandard materials, then this may not be the case. There are quite a number of stores selling polycarbonate products.

You need to buy all these products from reputable dealer who has experience in this particular niche.


A company or a dealer who is selling quality products and is confident about the quality of his or her, will most definitely give a warranty.

In fact, some offer even a 10 year warranty since they are pretty sure that their products meet all the recommended standards.




Some of the key areas which are covered in these warranty may include:


Light transmission

Of course as you use these products, the level of light transmission may reduce with time,may be by about 2%.

Depending on the terms and conditions in the warranty, after a given period of time the light transmission capability should be tested to ensure that it is within the recommended range.


Impact resistance

Like the light transmission property, after a given period of time,this can be tested to establish whether it is within the recommended values.


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