Bullet Proof Panel

Apparently,the insecurity incidences have been escalating which has led to the high demand for bullet resistant polycarbonate sheets.

The polycarbonates (PCs) are known for their excellent resistance to forced entry than other materials such as glass.And of course  acrylic sheets some times,are also used to make glass bullet resistant panels.

Seemingly,everybody is doing anything possible to find some of the most superior material to be used in the construction of a bullet proof panel.

The most common bullet proof panels are designed with a multi layer laminated acrylic sheet or polycarbonate sheets.


It is worth noting that not all products which are available in the market are genuine,you should purchase these items from reputable dealers whose products have been tested to meet the essential security requirements.

This should be based on both ballistic impact and forced entry.

bullet proof test


Features of bullet proof panels

  • Resistant to high impact
  • Durable
  • Superior light transmission
  • Low weight and affordable.

Applications of bullet proof panels

  • Penal institutions
  • Security vehicles
  • Banks
  • Police anti riot equipment


Bullet proof panels come in different grades depending on the manufacturing process involves.

In most cases,this is based on the thickness of the polycarbonate or acrylic sheet which has been used.It is also important to state that this will also determine the final cost of the panel.


Bullet Proof sheet

Kinds of bullet-resistant glasses

Generally,bullet proof panels vary in sizes.

The cost will be determined by the type and size of material which has been used in the construction process.Check one price on Amazon.

price of bullet proof panel


Different materials for bullet proof panels

Acrylic sheets

This is a transparent plastic which resembles glass though,it is stronger than glass.

Normally,an acrylic panel with a thickness of about one inch can be considered to be a bullet resistant material since it will offer some magnitude of resistance to impact.It can be used to manufacture a bullet resistant glass.

Check one acrylic  sample we used for bullet proof:

acrylic sheet for bullet proof panel

Polycarbonate sheets

This is yet another plastic which is used to construct quite a number of bullet resistant panels.This material is superior than acrylic because it is versatile,flexible and light.

Polycarbonate panels offer unbeatable impact resistance and have the ability to “catch” bullets and absorb their energy.

Check one polycarbonate sample used for bullet proof:

polycarbonate sheet for bullet proof


In addition to this, their weight is one sixth of the glass’ weight and a third the weight acrylic material.It is more expensive than both acrylic and glass materials.

Although these are the most common types of materials which are used to create bullet resistant panels,other types of materials such as the glass-clad polycarbonate bullet proof glasses are also gaining popularity.

In this process,polycarbonate sheets are sandwiched between the ordinary glass after which they are heated and cooled.

This process molds these materials together.The final product resembles glass though,they are thicker and durable than glass.

So if you need need one bullet proof sheet for yourself,find some on shop like amazon or ebay.but if you need in big quantity,don’t hesitate to contact Excelite.

Bullet Proof Panels