Insulated Polycarbonate sheet


The energy consumption has become a greatest concern to most builders.

This is the main reason why construction sheets are constantly being scrutinized and tested to maximize the level of energy efficiency.

Conventionally, this crucial aspect is quantified in terms of the insulation value of a component.

The R-value is used to determine the effectiveness of the insulation property of various types of products which are used to minimize heat loss.


Twin-wall Polycarbonate R-value


Insulated polycarbonate panels have become popular in the construction industry. This is due to the highest level of insulation efficiency which can be achieved by redesigning the polycarbonates.

In most applications where these panels are used, people have been able to reduce the cooling and heating costs which costs between 50% and 70%.

The insulation efficiency of the insulated polycarbonate panels is mainly determined by the geometrical structure of the panel.


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The anatomy of polycarbonate structure is thus designed for a reason. The design is tested to meet the required standards of performance. 

For example,a solid polycarbonate panel has a lower R-value as compared to a multi-wall polycarbonate panel.

The multi-wall polycarbonate panels may possess two or more intermediate layers with intricate geometrical structures.

These geometrical structures offer different degrees of insulation besides ensuring different magnitudes of light diffusion.


Insulated Polycarbonate Panels


Of all the available polycarbonate panels, the multi-wall polycarbonate panels have been designed specifically to offer a high degree of thermal heat insulation.

This is the main reason why it is used in greenhouse construction. A multi-polycarbonate panel has air spaces in between the geometrical shapes which act as thermal insulator.



A polycarbonate panel with more layers will be a perfect thermal insulator. That is, a panel with three layers will have a higher R-value than a panel with a twin-wall types.

Some of these multi-wall panels can reduce U-values from 1.9 W/m²K to about 0.83W/m²K which is pretty low. This is a high degree of energy efficiency with one of the best insulation properties.

While designing the structure of insulated polycarbonate panels,there are other factors which play a significant role in the insulation property of these panels.

Some of these factors include the shading factor, visible light transmission and solar energy transmission. These factors should be tested since at any given instance, the three aspects must be balanced to optimize the panels’ performance.

 solar energy transmission


In most applications, people will always go for insulated polycarbonate panels with high visible light transmission,low shading coefficient and solar energy coefficient.

The unique properties of multi-wall polycarbonate panels available in the market offer a combination of different insulation properties during winter and summer.

To achieve these, all the above properties should be balanced as per the requirements of the desired application.

The basic component which determines the ultimate property of insulated polycarbonate panels is the geometrical structure.




Therefore, you need to inquire the design structure from the manufacturer and be sure to know how the structure will affect thermal and light transmission.

Other design structures have been designed to add more strength to the panel while some add an aesthetic value.

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