Adding natural light to your room can give it a very stunning look.

Businesses have been focusing in adding more life to their workplaces while saving substantial amount of energy by installing skylights.


The available skylights can be classified as either operable or fixed skylights.

Even though they have quite a number of advantages,there are certain negative trade-off which you must put consider during the installation process.

These include the higher U-factors or lower R-value.This actually translates to higher energy loss.

At times,there could be unexpected glare which can increase the indoor temperature making it really uncomfortable.

This may actually require the installation of shades,a situation which may complicate the entire process.This require an expert who will be able to consider all these during the installation process.


Some of the important elements to consider during the installation process is the light diffuser equipment.

A number of light diffusers which are available in the market offer superior light diffusion capabilities.They can be installed alongside the desired skylights.

This equipment can spread or scatter the light from a transparent to give a soft light.

Day Lighting System

Which materials can be used for day lighting systems?


The choice of material plays a significant role when it comes to designing and installing an energy efficient day lighting system.

In the modern houses,polycarbonate sheets are commonly used to make skylights.

polycarbonate solid sheet
To reduce heat transfer and eliminate glare which is common with a number of skylights,light diffusers and polycarbonate prismatic sheets are used to make this valuable equipment.

Prismatic polycarbonate sheet

With the two items,you can realize the best skylight glazing option.The polycarbonate prismatic sheets glazing is one of the most popular material which is used to construct skylights.

The fact that they offer the best impact resistance capabilities and excellent ultraviolet light protection make them a perfect choice for a day lighting system.

Prismatic sheet for daylighting

To get a perfect ultraviolet protection you need to go for those products which have been with UV coating.This coating increases the service life of polycarbonate materials.

The general purpose polycarbonate prismatic sheets offer the following key benefits:

1. They are cost effective than most materials which are used to make day lighting systems.

2. They offer one of best design flexibility hence,they can be decorated to improve their aesthetic value.

3. Just like other polycarbonate materials,they are impact resistant,guarantee excellent light transmission besides being flame and weather resistant.

4. They have a lightweight thus,there will be no need for reinforcing the roofs with stronger materials.This reduces the installation cost significantly.

Prismatic sheet 2mm
When you are planning to purchase polycarbonate prismatic sheets for a maximum light diffusion,you should consider the following key features:


  • Specific gravity which is about 1.2kg/m3
  • Light transmission which ranges between 80% and 90% depending on the thickness of the polycarbonate sheet
  • UV resistance with a layer of about 50μm which can filter about 99% of UV radiation
  • Coefficient of thermal expansion
  • Service temperature
  • Tensile strength and heat deflection temperature among other features


The bottom line is that you have get the PCs carbonate before you ultimately purchase it for your skylights.