A greenhouse is an essential equipment in any agricultural environment. Constructing a quality greenhouse will depend on the materials which have been used in the construction process. It is a critical process where one has to analyze various aspects such as the R factor and U value. The choice of material also plays an important role, whether to go for polycarbonate greenhouse sheets or glass.

The polycarbonate greenhouse sheet has gained popularity in the greenhouse construction industry. A polycarbonate (PC) is a transparent plastic which is available in either single layer or multiwall thickness. They are durable and strong thus, they can withstand the adverse weather conditions in the external environment. So far, research has established that the polycarbonate greenhouse sheeting is the only way to optimize the overall performance of this essential agricultural equipment.

Of course, the use of polycarbonate greenhouse sheet has been a common process however, it is important to understand the basic facts why it is considered a better option for this particular task. Some of the essential factors to consider while choosing a polycarbonate greenhouse sheeting include:

The overall performance of the material

There are quite a number of materials which can be used to make this essential equipment such as polycarbonate, acrylic, glass etc. One important factor you need to consider in this case is the ability to achieve a high degree of diffused light. This is for the reason that plants respond best to diffused light. It is important to note that you can achieve this using PC sheets.

The external environment

The polycarbonate greenhouse sheets provide the best insulation. Mostly, the twin-walled polycarbonate sheets are used to construct greenhouses due to their superlative insulation properties. The temperature within the greenhouse can be controlled easily thereby, quality production is guaranteed. This is mainly based on the R factor which determines the insulation value and the U values which is the measurement of heat loss.

Appearance and cost

The polycarbonate greenhouse sheeting gives the greenhouse a desirable look. Moreover, PC sheets can maintain their good-looking appearance for a very longtime since they are UV protected. Replacing a greenhouse cover is both expensive and demanding. Since PC sheets are durable, they will save from spending a lot of money on maintenance. Since PCs are not scratch resistant, only use those products which are anti-scratch.


Best Materials for Your Greenhouse

The polycarbonate greenhouse sheets are rigid and guarantee a longer service life. They possess all the intrinsic properties as the polycarbonate resins. When compared to other materials such as plastic films, they are a little expensive however; the long run cost is cheaper as compared to those of glass and plastic films.

This does not imply that these materials are 100% perfect. You have to take good care of these materials. For instance, the multiwall PC sheets has spaces between the walls which can encourage condensation. This reduces the performance of the greenhouse sheet significantly.