The twin-wall polycarbonate sheets are considered to be the best glazing sheets for most greenhouse applications.

They have unique features which are designed to reduce the operation and maintenance costs.

This is the main reason why most greenhouses which were constructed using glass are apparently being replaced by the twin-wall polycarbonates.

Twin-wall Polycarbonate Sheets

The structure of twin-wall polycarbonates

These polycarbonate sheets’ surfaces have been protected from the ultraviolet radiation, which can cause degradation.

This is achieved through a co-extrusion process.

This treatment can protect them from turning yellow for over 10 years.

During this period, the gardener can focus on other projects rather than worrying about the greenhouse cover.

Within one year, the gardener can get his or her initial investment and begin to work on profit maximization.

Furthermore, both the structural design and the surface finish allow the beneficial infrared radiation to pass through the sheets.

Moreover, the visible light is diffused evenly within the greenhouse thereby creating an ideal environment for maximum growth and production.

This reduces sun burn significantly.

In terms of energy consumption, it is one of the most cost effective greenhouse covering.

twinwall polycarbonate sheet

The insulation value is one factor which every gardener must consider.

It is important to note that they can reduce energy consumption by over 25%.

It is also important to note that the insulation value will be higher in the twin-wall polycarbonate sheets with thicker sheets than those with thinner sheets.

This implies that, as a gardener, you need to establish the degree of insulation you require within the greenhouse before you purchase any of these products.

These twin-wall sheets have a good balance between the stiffness and low weight which makes the installation process easier.

Twin wall polycarbonate sheet

The installation can be done using conventional tools and they can be cold-formed easily.

They offer the best flexibility in design and all products come with a comprehensive warranty.

If any questions when you install your twin wall polycarbonate sheet greenhouse, freely to contact our support team.