Are you  looking for a tinted polycarbonate sheet?

Do you know why you need to tint your polycarbonate sheet?

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The demand for tinted polycarbonate (PC) sheets has increased in the recent past.

Normally,a thin layer (tint) is applied on the outer surface of the PCs which enables them to reflect some solar energy while still allowing some to pass through PC panels.

This process reduces both the internal temperatures on the enclosed surface besides,helping to reduce the fading rate of the polycarbonate sheets.

tinted polycarbonate (PC) sheet

Controlling the amount of heat reaching a region which has been enclosed by polycarbonate sheet and extending the service life of these sheets is an important process.

Apparently,a number of people have been resorted to tinting the PC sheets with an aim of not only achieving these two essential elements,but also to reduce the solar glare and heat buildup.


To get the tinted polycarbonate sheet of choice,you need to choose the best tinting material.

tinting material


The tinting materials come inform of thin films with different thickness and quality.Some of the most common types of tints are the metallized PVC coatings which have been designed to reflect some solar energy.

Generally,the available tints come in two forms,the reflective and the non-reflective tints.


Of course,as far as performance is concerned,the PC sheets are superior to the ordinary glass.In fact,this has been one of the main reason why PCs are actually being used in the automotive industry to make windscreens.




Apart from the intrinsic properties of PCs,the tint guarantees even additional advantages such as saving energy and ensuring privacy.


It is also important to note that the PCs are very vulnerable to ultra-violet radiation more so if they are not UV protected.

They turn yellow within a very short period of time.The tinted polycarbonate sheets with UV protection tend to last longer than those with UV protection alone.These thin films (tint),eliminate a greater percentage of UV radiation.

tinted polycarbonate (PC) sheets

The most common tinted polycarbonate sheets have the below ability:
  • Reflect the solar energy,stop between 60% and 70% of solar energy.
  • Improve the aesthetic value of the polycarbonate sheet.
  • Reduce both ultraviolet and infrared radiation from reaching the PC sheet.
  • Increase the service life of the tinted polycarbonate sheet.
  • Guarantee privacy among other essential features.


Of course this is not for tinted polycarbonate sheet,because if for polycarbonate sheet,the different color is made for color master.

different color polycarbonate sheet


Below is just for home use.

One crucial feature is the installation process and cost.

By hiring a professional who has been in the window tinting industry for a sometime,it will be a very simple process.

In fact,it won’t take more than half a day.The total cost of the process will be determined by both the size and the type of tint which will be used.


You should not make a mistake of going for the do-it-yourself (DIY) process if you don’t have the necessary equipment and experience.


You may end up wasting a lot of film making the entire project very expensive.

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A good number of companies offer these services at affordable rates therefore,you can find many on google.

So enjoy your searching,and find a perfect company give you the service.If anything need our help,freely let us know.