Improving day lighting is the ultimate goal of every architectural designer.

As a matter of fact, most people thrive to achieve the highest level of natural light possible in their houses and canopies.

Canopies have become part of most commercial buildings across the globe with every individual wishing to have at least a polycarbonate canopy as opposed to the glass canopies which were common in the past.


polycarbonate canopy


They are available in different designs which range from just a simple overhead barrier to an overhead vault design.

Some of the most common applications of residential canopies include carports,outdoor kitchen,patios etc.

In commercial buildings,there are the entrance canopies,ambulance entrance canopies,airport canopies etc.


Polycarbonate Canopy


High thermal performance is one key property which should be analyzed in the construction of canopies.

Of course,they should also meet the basic requirements just as the roofing sheets and panels.In addition to this,the overall weight and durability also plays a significant role here.

This is yet another reason why polycarbonate sheets have gained popularity in the construction of canopies.

Under normal circumstances,since polycarbonate sheets come in a wide range of designs and finish,it is easier to construct those with an aesthetically appealing finish.


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They have intricate designs which cannot be achieved by the traditional glass.The varying thickness and designs of polycarbonate products and incorporating other treatments such as heat guard makes them to control the temperature efficiently.


canopy-roof-made of glass


A translucent polycarbonate canopy is impact resistant and inexpensive.Some of the most common types of polycarbonate canopies include:

  1. The standing seam canopy where long polycarbonate panels are used there by eliminating the need for using either the horizontal or the vertical framing.The good thing about polycarbonates is that they can be cold formed to a desirable radius to form smooth curves which is not the case for glass.They offer the following key benefits:a comfortable light diffusion,reduced installation costs,a smooth outer surface and bold texture can be achieved easily.
  2. A surface mounted polycarbonate canopy is also common and they are constructed using single sheet polycarbonate layers.


In most cases,people tend to opt for aluminum in the construction of canopies as opposed to wood.

A combination of polycarbonate products and aluminum has long term benefits with low maintenance cost being a key factor to consider.

 Polycarbonate Canopy

An aluminum canopy is one of the most versatile with a strong supportive structure.They are used in the construction of walls and they are also compatible with numerous glazing materials.

When the aluminum pressure caps along with rafter extrusions are included,both long and medium span conditions can be achieved with ease.

Such canopies have the following key features:

  1. A desired thermal movement of polycarbonate glazing can be achieved due to deep glazing.
  2. Both condensation and leakages can be controlled using separate gutters
  3. There’s reduced insulation costs since the polycarbonate sheet is light weight and translucent
  4. Water infiltration can be controlled easily since pressure can be “equalized”
house canopies made of polycarbonate


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