There are a number of polycarbonate glazing suppliers with only a few who have been certified. The certified suppliers meet the threshold required for manufacturing quality and reliable polycarbonate products which meet the required standards by the regulatory authorities.

How can you buy a product whose quality and performance is anonymous? Or, what should you deal with a company with mysterious credentials whish cannot afford to offer after sales services?

Of course, certification encompasses so many factors which range from producing quality and reliable polycarbonate products; the general safety within the plant and customer service. It is these key qualities that uncertified polycarbonate glazing suppliers lack or they don’t meet the required threshold.


The reasons why you should say NO to uncertified suppliers include:

There is a high possibility of purchasing poor quality polycarbonate products

Once a supplier has not been certified by the regulatory authorities then it implies that their quality standards is not known. Purchasing such products will be like gambling since you can trust even the validity of their warranty. To make it worse, they may not be accountable in case of any damage. This implies that any transaction you conduct with the company you shall be a loser from the word go.

In addition to these, as s structural engineer; if the structure collapses because you used substandard polycarbonate glazing sheets then you’ll face legal action. To exacerbate your situation; you license or certificate to practice as an engineer will be revoked by the relevant authorities.

They lack professionalism

Over 90% of uncertified polycarbonate glazing suppliers lack professionalism. This is not only evident from how they go about their business, but also; how their customer care or sales representatives treat their customers. There’re very slim chances that all your concerns will be responded to promptly. Processing an order may take weeks rather than days. If you opt for such companies or suppliers then you should be prepared for a series of disappointment.


These companies do not value the private details about their customers. It is not astonishing to find these polycarbonate glazing companies doing their business in unsecure platforms more so with an era where cybercrime is the order of the day. They transmit unencrypted data which can be intercepted by a third party. This implies that doing business with such company is basically risking you sensitive information such as the credit or debit card details.

Unrealistic promises and offers

They understand one main weakness of human beings; they like cheap products which can provide tons of benefits. These polycarbonate glazing suppliers offer unbeatable prices with a wide range of aftersales services which they do not actually provide. This strategy is mainly meant to help them sell their products without following the due procedure as required by the law.

To stay safe at all times, you need to deal with only those suppliers which have been certified to offer quality products. They must provide a proof of this since they can decide to indicate this on their websites to increase the conversion rates.