We joined Melbourne Tiny Home Expo on March 4-6th!

May 15, 2022

We have joined Melbourne Tiny Home Expo on March 4-6th in 2022.

In this expo, a variety of tiny homes such as homes on wheels, without wheels, container homes and modular homes were exhibited. Many people visited this exhibition to look for their opportunities for their backyards, AirBnB dwelling and workplace.

We exhibited our 3.5M Dimension Dome. More than 1,000 people visited to this exhibition to see our dome. Thank you so much for visiting us and we are looking forward to seeing you next year again.

What Is Tiny House?

Though there isn’t a definition of “Tiny House” in Australia, it usually refers to dwellings with a footprint of less than 40m2 and can be purchased between for $50 and for $100,000.

Tiny Homes include:

– On wheels

– Without wheels

– Container Homes

– Modular Homes

– Granny Flats

– Kit Homes

– Domes

In addition, they are usually self-sufficient and off the grid, which utilise solar panels and tank water.


Tiny House Boom in Australia

Demands for portable and alternative houses have been increasing for these two years because house prices are now surging and such tiny houses enable you to have more affordable lives. Also, tiny houses can be an option for another income stream.


The Benefits of Having Tiny Houses

Here are the benefits of having tiny houses:

– Ideal for “transitional stage” of life

You can live with your old parents or grownup kids in tiny houses temporary and with

appropriate distance.

– Another Income Stream

You can rent out your own house or such tiny houses or utilise them as AirBnB facilities.

– Much more sustainable

Most of the tiny houses are off grid. Many of the toilets have a water tank which will

lead to using less water or compost type ones. Also solar panels are used for generating


– Mobile

You can move them anywhere and anytime!


How can Excelite’s Dome be used for Tiny House?

(1) The dome is made of T5mm Polycarbonate sheet

It is said that polycarbonate is 250 times as strong as glass. It can stand for any weather such as hail stone, strong wind and strong sunlight. Working temperature of this material is -40°〜+130°. All you need is a foundation such as concrete or decks to build this dome.

(2) Quick Assemble

It takes a couple of hours for installation and only half an hour to dismantle it. You can take this dome for your camping or glamping!

(3) A variety of size and combination

We offer 2.1M, 3.5M, 4.5M, 5.3M and 8.8M dimension of domes. You can combine one dome with other ones as well.

(4) High security and privacy

The door is a security door which can be opened by swipe cards. While you can enjoy 360°view, you can protect your privacy by curtain as well. In addition, polycarbonate sheets are excelled for sound barriers. Therefore, you don’t need to care about noise outside of the dome.

(5) Versatile usability

Our customers use our domes for many purposes such as dining rooms, spa rooms, bedrooms, glamping domes e.t.c.


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