Interesting Polycarbonate Products

Nov 19, 2021

Polycarbonate is a versatile engineering material which is used to manufacture a number domestic and engineer products. Some of the most common products include:


Polycarbonate sheets and panels;

the polycarbonate sheets and panels are available in different configurations.They have excellent mechanical, thermal, optical and chemical properties.

It is for this reason that they used in glazing applications such as in the construction of green houses.

The polycarbonate sheets are available in different configurations such as the multiwall, embossed, textured and corrugated sheets.

Each sheet has unique advantages and disadvantages.For instance, the multiwall polycarbonate sheets are known for good thermal insulators.

Generally, these sheets are used to make a number of roofing materials in the modern architectural designs.


Bullet proof windscreens;

The bullet proof windscreens and windows is yet another common polycarbonate product.This has been due to their unbeatable strength and light weight.

They are popularly used in banks as security measures to prevent attacks.The bullet proof windscreens are 30 times stronger than acrylic and 250 times stronger than glass.

These windscreens are virtually unbreakable and they do not break.This eliminates chances of replacing the windscreen.


Protective devices;

Due to its strength, polycarbonates are used to manufacture a number of protective gadgets.

One of the most common gadget are the anti-riot shield and helmet which are commonly used by law enforcers.They can with stand all manner of impacts without breaking.


Automotive industry;

polycarbonates are commonly used in the automotive industry to manufacture a number of products.

Companies like Jeep are using polycarbonate sheets to manufacture windscreens for their vehicles.They can remain intact even when they are driven in rough terrains.

A number of vehicles are fitted with polycarbonate headlamps besides having the interior sections of the car designed using polycarbonate products.


Swimming pool enclosures;

polycarbonates can be used as swimming pool enclosures. This is due to their dimensional stability.

Polycarbonates absorb very little amount of moisture. Moreover, this moisture do not affect their mechanical and physical properties of polycarbonates.


Polycarbonate films;

The polycarbonate films are used in a number of applications such as in electronic, auto, screen printing and graphics industry.

They are also used in graphic overlay,LCD display and nameplate printing. These materials come in different surface finish such as textured and clear glass finish.


Food containers and cans;

Polycarbonates are used to make a number of food containers and cans.

Apparently, there are no side effects of Bisphenol A which have been identified.They are used to make a number of household products.

Ideally, polycarbonates are used to make a number of plastic products and glazing applications.( automatic capsule filling machine, helmet visor, IP camera lens cover etc). Even though polycarbonate is expensive, its intrinsic features are worth a long term investment. This is evident from the fact that most manufacturer offer 10 years warranty for most of their polycarbonate products.

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